Located in the central – east of China, Jiangsu is economically the most advanced and dynamic province. The cities of the province have experienced an economic growth above 12% in the recent years and are investing greatly in high-tech and innovation.

Jiangsu offers a sound business climate: The province has been actively pursuing friendly corporate relations with the rest of the world in order to strengthen overseas economic cooperation. Thanks to this early opening-up strategy, it has been the largest recipient of foreign direct investment since 2006.

Jiangsu in figures

  •  Jiangsu represents over 10% if the national GDP on 1% of the national territory
  •  More than 400 companies among the top 500 worldwide are settled in Jiangsu
  •  Highest GDP per capita in China


One of the key cities in the Yangtze River Delta, Suzhou is a renowned cultural, historic and tourist city.

According to the Chinese city tier system, Suzhou is a second tier city. The government has recently been stimulating second tier cities in terms of economic development and infrastructure since the first tier cities have become increasingly hard to penetrate, particularly for SMEs.

Eastern second tier cities – like Suzhou- have been proved to be interesting and cost-effective for companies that are considering settlement in national hubs.

Distance from WSEIP

  •  40 minute drive to high speed train: Shanghai / Beijing
  •  45 minute drive to Shanghai - Hongqiao International Airport
  •  60 minute drive to Shanghai city center
  •  90 minute drive to Shanghai - Pudong International Airport